Busy week, dead van!

clutch system

Well it’s been a busy week, with great weather, but I have been reduced to using my car for the last few days of work. Been a bit like old times, although it has reduced the kind of work I could do.

On Wednesday morning, I jumped in the van to set off to a job I had that morning. When I stepped on the clutch to set off, the clutch pedal bracket snapped off, leaving me stranded. Nightmare!!

Waiting until Tuesday now to get the van back working again, but I would just like to thank my customers for being understanding when I had to move appointments around etc, and a big big thank you to my mum, for loaning me the money to get the repair done. You are a life (and business) saver mum!

Oh well, I can’t focus on the negatives! Wednesday was a nightmare, but yesterday and today have been good gardening days.

Tomorrow is forecast to be lovely, so get out in your garden and enjoy!



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