It’s been a busy few weeks

Well it has been a busy few weeks, and I have neglected to post to my blog. So here’s a catch up.

Clients have been calling as every thing’s been growing fast with the rain and warmth this spring. Picked up 11 new clients since I last posted, hence the ‘not posting’ due to being busy.

Mostly the jobs have been mowing, which is my favourite job anyway, so things are good. I got a new client which is a weekly full maintenance visit (2 hours) which has improved matters quite a bit.

I have invested in a new mower, (Viking MB 650 VR) which is doing a great job at cutting down the time it takes to mow a lawn, making me more efficient, and creating more profit to invest in more time saving equipment. It leaves a pretty nice striped finish too.

I did a bit of landscaping this week, which involved moving 4 tonnes of pebbles from the front of a house, round the back with a wheelbarrow. If I never see another pebble again, it will be too soon!


The results look good though, but I took a hit to my profits on the job due to underestimating the amount of pebbles needed. Live and learn eh?

I have given myself the day off tomorrow to go and make some progress on my allotment, which I’ll try to make a video out of, so stay tuned!

Relax – and enjoy your gardens.


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