Quotes for previous clients and flyers

Spent the day creating quotes for previous clients, which I will be hand delivering as soon as this utterly terrible weather stops. The BBC weather app says thursday should be fine, so I guess that’s delivery day for me.

Working on some flyers now to deliver around the neighborhood. Going to get the girls to help me to give them something to do while it’s the easter holidays from school.


Van pictures as promised

I took the opportunity to grab a couple of pictures of the van between the rain today. At least I have plenty to keep me busy while I wait for spring to start proper.

A big thank you to Dave at signit for the DIY vinyl kit, and for being a top bloke! Highly recommended.

Van sign DIY day.

I spent the day fitting my signs to the van, which look pretty good if I do say so myself!

It’s a bit of a fiddly job at times, and I excel at creating air bubbles, but so far so good. Just got a couple more to attach tomorrow and it’s good to go.

I’ll post up some pictures when completed.

Allotment move and hedge reduction

We finally moved allotments, and handed the keys to Plot 81 back to the council. End of an era, but on to new things!

After moving our fruit trees, raspberry and blueberry to their temporary home in the back garden, the water barrels and other miscellaneous allotment ‘stuff’ was moved to the new plot, number 37.

I then did a quick hedge reduction to make it look like someone cares about the place, and used the cuttings to plant a hedge at the top to cover the gap.

I will need to pop back with the long reach hedge cutter, or ladders to complete the hedge top.

Hopefully the cuttings will grow, I’ll keep you posted on their progress!

Our start date for 2015 is: Mon 23rd March


Over the next 2 weeks we are busy servicing tools and sorting everything out for this new season, and we will be accepting new and old customers from the 23rd March.

Looking forward to seeing you!

New beginnings – Time to move allotments

Old allotment
My current allotment. Just cleared.


Well, I have taken the winter off pretty much, but just before Christmas I managed to get an new allotment nearer to my home, which helps because the 5 mile trip to the current allotment was proving to be a pain. The only issue is that my new plot looks like a landfill site.

Oh well time to get on with it I guess. Here’s some images of the task at hand. Might be a while until it looks like my old plot above..

Wish me luck. I’ll try to get some footage of the work as it progresses.


Lib Dems promise to triple flytipping fines to £9m

Fly tipped green waste

Increased fines would target businesses that dump rubbish on an industrial scale in Britain’s parks, hedgerows and roadsides

Fines for companies caught flytipping on an industrial scale should triple to £9m, the Liberal Democrats have said.

The increased penalities would target businesses that avoid paying landfill tax by dumping rubbish in hedgerows, parks and roadsides, and follows a 20% increase in such incidents in 2013-14.

Read more at >> the Guardian

Do you know what happens to your garden waste? Always check your gardener has a waste licence.

Welcome to the Green Valley blog

Welcome to the Green Valley blog. This blog is created at the same time as my business Green Valley Lawn Care is being re-born, so hopefully it will stand as a record of the progress of the business and also myself.

The aim of this blog is to have a mix of personal and industry items that I think people might find useful.

Well I think spring is finally here, so time to get busy!