Welcome to my new clients.

Even with the van issues this week, it’s been really great meeting new clients. Here are a couple of nice lawns I’m now looking after. Was a lovely day for mowing, and lovely people 🙂

Happy gardening!


New beginnings – Time to move allotments

Old allotment
My current allotment. Just cleared.


Well, I have taken the winter off pretty much, but just before Christmas I managed to get an new allotment nearer to my home, which helps because the 5 mile trip to the current allotment was proving to be a pain. The only issue is that my new plot looks like a landfill site.

Oh well time to get on with it I guess. Here’s some images of the task at hand. Might be a while until it looks like my old plot above..

Wish me luck. I’ll try to get some footage of the work as it progresses.